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When planning the plant area, customers often choose the plant with good appearance. However, the normal rock wool sandwich panel with ordinary shape in the plant cannot meet the requirements, so it is necessary to customize the production of rock wool sandwich panel. What should we pay attention to when customizing Jinan rock wool board?
1. In case of special color requirements, the customer needs to determine the color number, select according to ral color card, and then the steel factory will issue the sample and mail it to the customer. After the customer determines the color of the sample, the steel coil produced by the steel factory will be transported to the rock wool sandwich panel manufacturer, and then composite production will be carried out.
2. If there are other shapes, such as arc plate or corner plate, the size shall be provided according to the technology. Some factories need non-standard products, and the specifications, data and requirements of non-standard products should be clear, so that the manufacturer can complete the production more accurately.
3. Customized production requires a certain time, because the product itself requires production time, and requires accurate calculation and design drawings to ensure the quality of the product after installation. We must be patient when customizing the rock wool sandwich board. If we are in a hurry, we can not make a production schedule.
After that, if the product needs to customize the special color number, it needs to contact the manufacturer in advance to ensure the normal construction period.
In addition, you should pay attention to:
During the external insulation construction of rock wool board external wall, the construction shall not be carried out when the temperature of the base and construction environment is lower than 5 ℃. Construction shall not be carried out in Gale Weather above level 5, rain and snow weather. During and after construction, effective measures shall be taken to prevent rain erosion and sun exposure, and protective layer shall be made in time. In case of sudden rain during construction, measures shall be taken to prevent rain from scouring the wall.
Anti freezing measures shall be taken for winter construction according to relevant standards. Before large-scale construction, the same materials, construction methods and processes shall be used to make the sample wall on the site as required, and the construction can be carried out only after the confirmation of relevant parties. When rock wool board is used for construction, operators shall wear labor protection articles, do well in occupational health protection and pay attention to construction safety.
The materials that must be inspected for the external insulation system of rock wool board shall be sent to a qualified testing institution for testing, and can be used only after passing the testing. For more information, please visit our website Consult and understand.


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