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Now all kinds of pipe products can still be applied in various industries, especially in the current engineering construction, we can see the figure of pipe products, so at this time, manufacturers need to do a good job in square tube bending, and some enterprises also need to do a good job in customization. What details should be paid attention to when customizing bend processing.
Detail 1. Pay attention to the selection of standard products
In the process of square tube bending, we still need to pay attention to the selection of standard products, that is, standard pipes. First, such standard products are relatively cheap in their own price, and you can replace them if you find any problems in later use. In this way, the replacement cost is not high. If you choose non-standard products, it will also bring some problems in the later stage, so try to choose some standard pipe products.
Detail II. Specify the customized dimension and tolerance range
Because in the process of Jinan square tube stretching and bending, enterprises need to customize pipe products, so it is still necessary to clarify the customized dimensions, especially the size tolerance range, because when customizing non-standard products, tolerance is still a very important problem. Most of the time, it seems to meet the standard, but once in use, there will be some size problems, Therefore, we need to pay attention to this, so as to do a good job in product customization.
At present, when enterprises need to customize square tube stretch bending processing, they need to pay attention to some details, especially in the selection of manufacturers. Because there are still many manufacturers at present, they should pay attention to selecting professional and powerful manufacturers in order to obtain customized parts with good quality. Come to our website for more information Pay attention


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