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Rock wool board is mostly used in construction, which belongs to a kind of external wall insulation. Therefore, many rock wool board manufacturers have expanded their processing workshops and fought a price war to give rock wool board a certain price advantage and attract more customers. What are the eight key points before and after rock wool board construction?
1. During the construction of external insulation of rock wool board exterior wall, the construction shall not be carried out when the temperature of base course and construction environment is lower than 5 ℃. Construction shall not be carried out in windy weather above level 5 and rainy and snowy weather. During and after the construction, effective measures shall be taken to prevent rainwater scouring and scorching sun exposure, and a protective layer shall be made in time. In case of sudden rainfall during construction, measures shall be taken to prevent rainwater from scouring the wall; Antifreeze measures shall be taken for winter construction in accordance with relevant standards.
2. Before large-scale construction, the same materials, construction methods and processes shall be used to make the sample wall on the site according to the regulations, and the project construction can be carried out only after being confirmed by the relevant parties.
3. When using rock wool board for construction, operators should wear labor protection articles, do a good job in occupational health protection, and pay attention to construction safety.
4. Materials related to the external insulation system of rock wool board that must be inspected should be sent to a qualified testing organization for testing, and can be used only after passing the testing.
5. The sticking of rock wool board should adopt strip sticking method or point sticking method, and the gluing area should not be less than 50%. After the adhesive is applied to the rock wool board, the lower end of the thermal insulation board should be pasted with the base course first. The rock wool board should be laid horizontally from bottom to top, and should be anchored while laying. The board joints should be naturally close, and the gap between the boards should not be greater than 2mm. If the joint width is 2mm, there should be thermal insulation material filling treatment, the adjacent board surfaces should be flush, and the height difference between the boards should not be greater than 1.5mm.
6. The outlet of all through wall pipelines and components that can reach the rock wool board shall be filled with the same material and then treated with waterproof sealing.
7. If the veneer layer is found to fall off during the construction process, it should be fixed in a timely manner by bonding or anchoring with anchors, and the exterior decoration surface layer construction should be carried out in a timely manner.
8. The construction of Jinan rock wool board plastering layer shall meet the following requirements:
After the rock wool board is pasted, the plastered surface of the Board shall be treated, and the whole surface shall be coated with plastering paste (thickness 1 ~ 1.5mm) with a stainless steel spatula, and pressed into the surface fiber of the rock wool board. The plastering glue should be configured in strict accordance with the product instructions. The configured adhesive should avoid direct sunlight and should be used up within 2H.
The plastering layer is divided into two layers. The thickness of the better layer of plastering glue is 2 ~ 3mm. It should be plastered with a stainless steel serrated spatula first, then leveled with a large spatula, and pressed into the glass fiber mesh while it is wet. When the glue is slightly dry and hard enough to touch, install the anchor, and block the plastic disc of the anchor and its surrounding with the plastering glue; The better layer of plaster mortar is slightly dry, and the construction of the second layer of plaster mortar can be carried out, with a thickness of about 2mm. Trowel and make the thickness of the plaster layer meet the design requirements.
In addition, during the construction of rock wool insulation board, the surface should be kept dry, free of grease, rust and other conditions. In order to facilitate corrosion prevention, appropriate coating can be adopted. For more relevant information, you can come to our website have a look.


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