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Rock wool board itself is a good material, it can play the effect of heat preservation. Rock wool board used in different fields, different places, will have different effects. If rock wool board is used for external wall insulation, it is what we often call external wall rock wool board. Next, let's talk about the application field of thermal insulation effect of external wall rock wool board on products.
The rock wool board of the external wall itself is light. Compared with other heat insulation materials, it will save a lot of unnecessary trouble in the process of transportation and reduce the cost of transportation. Before that, there were many materials used for exterior wall insulation, but each material will have its own defects. Rock wool board for exterior wall has a market prospect in terms of comprehensive performance comparison. At present, its utilization rate and coverage in the market are also relatively wide.
Precautions for rock wool board:
1. Pay attention to rain prevention, and do not construct in rainy days.
2. For cold insulation, it is necessary to add a damp proof layer. Under the condition of extremely low temperature, use rock wool without resin for insulation, and its damp proof layer must also be fireproof
3. When the temperature exceeds a certain temperature, such as 200 ℃, appropriate external protection must be added to the insulation, so that the thickness and unit weight of rock wool board will not change.
4. For the insulation of finished rock wool products used for large-diameter and flat wall equipment, when the temperature exceeds 200 ℃, we must remember the instructions of the rock wool board manufacturer: add insulation nails (with a spacing of about 400mm) and the external protection should be closely pasted.
5. Equipment, insulation nails and pipelines that need insulation can receive appropriate coating for corrosion prevention. In addition, there should be no leakage. This can achieve better results.
6. Jinan rock wool board products that are vulnerable to mechanical wear under the condition of outdoor insulation should be covered with metal or plastic, and then pay attention to the joints and the sealing of joints. If necessary, add glue seals, and the stacking part of the wrapping layer should not be less than 100mm
7. When the insulation object is placed at 90 degrees and has a certain height, the insulation layer of rock wool board must have locating pins or support rings, and the spacing must not be greater than 3 meters, so as to prevent the insulation data from sliding downward in case of vibration.
The installation of rock wool board on the outer wall is very convenient. It only needs to be laid on the outer wall. In the process of use, it can have a good effect of heat preservation by controlling the ambient temperature below 300 degrees. And generally, the probability of rock wool board damage is relatively low. Once installed, it can reach the service life of at least ten years. More relevant content on the website Get it.


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