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What is the solution to the deformation of section steel and its construction environmental conditions? In fact, the milling time of profile steel is too long and it is easy to deform. In order to solve this problem, it is particularly important to control the vibration of long workpiece. It can be processed by pressing on the platform of the milling machine, or clamped with two flat jaw pliers.
At the same time, adopt appropriate long workpiece processing technology, such as two or three rough machining, select appropriate tools and be as sharp as possible to avoid workpiece stress deformation, rough machining will produce less heat, and grinder grinding can also be considered. Therefore, in order to solve the deformation problem of profile steel, the main thing is to control its deformation, in addition to considering the vibration of long workpiece, and then choose the appropriate processing technology.
In addition, we should also pay attention to a problem, that is, the appearance and quality of section steel should be directly checked one by one under negative temperature. As far as the profile steel surface is concerned, there should be no cracks and neck shrinkage in local areas. In this case, the installation of section steel is actually a basic guarantee.
When the temperature is lower than -20 ℃, we will actually directly prohibit a series of cold bending operations of section steel. If the section steel is welded under negative temperature in winter, be careful and try to arrange it indoors. If welding must be carried out outdoors, it should also be noted that the ambient temperature should not be lower than -20 ℃, and welding should not be carried out in snowy days.
When Jinan section steel is welded outdoors, attention should also be paid to the wind at all times. When the wind force exceeds level 3, wind prevention measures shall be directly set. The joints that have not cooled after welding must not be exposed to ice and snow.
In addition, pay attention to prevent collision or scratch when transporting and processing section steel. At the same time, for the sake of safety, operators need to make preparations in advance. For more matters, please come to our website Consult.


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