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The skeleton of the color steel tile roof is the core of the building, so there are high standards and requirements for its production method. This paper introduces how to make the skeleton of the color steel tile roof, and hopes that the construction personnel can read it carefully.
1、 Roofing
Starting from the side of the gable, lay it from left to right (or the same as right to left) in sequence. Then, after the plates are placed, draw the alignment line along the lower edge of the plate, install each plate according to the alignment line, and check at any time to avoid deviation. The laying surface is fixed on the extension strip along the center of each plate rib with self tapping screws.
2、 Edge trimming
The lap joint of roof (including canopy) edge material must be fixed with aluminum pull nails and water stop glue. Then the self tapping screw head and aluminum pull screw head of the roof trimming plate must be prevented by water stop glue. When the construction and fixing method of the edge plate needs to be changed according to its on-site measurement, the drawing shall prevail after confirmation.
3、 Fixing method
Jinan color steel tile manufacturer suggests to arrange a fixed seat, fix it on the left side of the purlin with self tapping screws, then snap the ink line on the purlin as the reference line, and then fix the fixed seat in the same row. Then align the rib of the plate with the rib of the fixed seat, press down and snap it in to check whether it is buckled correctly. Then buckle the short arm of the fixed base with a paved panel female rib, construct according to the above method, and adjust. Lay in the above order. When the remaining space between towers in the air is less than half the width of the slab, only fix the slab with the short arm of the fixed seat, and the rest of the space ends with flashing. If the remaining space is greater than half of the plate width, fix the plate with a fixed seat, and the excess part will be cut off.
How to prevent and control the construction of colored steel tile roof
1. As the roof slope is large and there are many ridges, the elevation control of roof ridge, cornice, dormer window, starting and ending points of catchment (Branch) waterline and other parts during the construction process; For the positioning of the starting and ending points of the internal corner line of the slope, the external corner line of the slope, the cornice line, the corner point and the catchment (Branch) waterline; Pay attention to the construction during scaffold erection and dismantling and ensure the normal construction.
2. The roof slope is large, and the technical disclosure and protective measures shall be strictly carried out to the workers during the base treatment and tile hanging.
3. Strictly control the arrangement of colored steel tiles, and handle the internal corners, external corners, end tiles and the junction with the roof structure to prevent water leakage.
4. The manufacturer of colored steel tiles suggests that guardrails and nets or other protective measures to prevent falling should be set around the roof and the reserved holes.
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