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During the manufacturing process, the profile steel is generally based on hot-rolled or cold-rolled coil and strip steel. Under normal temperature, it will be effectively processed by its drawing, stamping, bending or roll bending forming unit to bend into various cross-section shapes suitable for the needs of the downstream market. These profiles are used in a wide range of fields. Let's learn about the relevant contents.
The steel type of section steel has developed from a single ordinary carbon steel to low-alloy steel, stainless steel, high-strength steel and fire-resistant steel. The main application industries of profile steel products are also more and more extensive, mainly in steel structure, automobile manufacturing, containers, railway vehicles, bridges, supermarket shelves, elevator guide rails, fire protection equipment, highway construction, machinery, factory buildings and so on, involving many industry fields.
Section steel has many advantages when used. Its cutting surface, that is, the section, can be changed at will according to the needs of its products. The investment cost of the whole product is low, the production equipment and process requirements are relatively simple, and it can be put into use immediately. The organization of production is very flexible, the length, width and thickness can be selected at will, and there is no problem in mass production. The products produced are fine and the surface is smooth, The dimension is also quite high, and the material is saved. In engineering application, the section steel is an efficient and economic section steel. Because of these advantages, the section steel has been widely used in China.
The varieties of profile steels include: profile steels for rolling shutter doors and steel windows, profile steels for passenger cars, cold-formed square steel for structures, structural steel for buildings, and profiles of various sections. They have been widely used in automobile, railway, agricultural machinery, chemical industry, petroleum, food, textile, medical treatment, container and other industries and civil industries. For example: logistics equipment, highway transportation, automobile manufacturing, etc.
Jinan section steel is an economical finished steel, which can save raw materials at a limited speed during the manufacturing process, and can produce different profiles according to different shape requirements. For the section, the cold-formed profiled steel can also be designed according to the shape, and its component weight is light and easy to use. The surface of cold-formed profiled steel is very smooth, and different length types can also be combined with needs to punch holes on the steel body. In addition, the steel wall of cold-formed profiled steel is very thin, which can simplify many production processes and improve work efficiency.
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