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Some people say that it is better to replace the tiles directly at such a high price. Since it is a new tile, we need to know the price of color steel tile:
There are many factors that affect the price of color steel tiles, including the model and thickness of color steel tiles, and the price of color steel tiles varies from region to region and from brand to brand. Please consult your local dealer for details.
Then there is the labor installation fee, auxiliary material fee, hoisting fee, etc. now the labor price is very high. Replace the new tiles, and you have to dismantle the old tiles. There are also some local policies that once the color steel tile houses are demolished, they are not allowed to be rebuilt. In addition, the replacement of tiles in the plant will inevitably affect the normal use of the plant and the plant shutdown, so the loss will be even greater. So it is not cost-effective to change the tiles!
It is simpler to add tiles than to replace them. It saves a step. Instead of removing the old tiles, the tiles can be directly covered. However, this problem has just begun. Let's not talk about the price and labor cost of replacing new tiles. Let's talk about the impact and consequences of adding tiles. There are two main aspects. Adding tiles will bring a greater burden to the load-bearing structure and a certain potential safety hazard to the plant, More importantly, the tiling can not solve the fundamental corrosion problem. The color steel tile roof tiling is a big project. The direct tiling can not solve the fundamental problem. It has to be renovated and replaced within one year, which greatly increases the cost of roof renovation.
The renovation and repair of color steel tiles shall be carried out according to the specific corrosion and water leakage of the roof. Therefore, we need to check the screw holes of the colored steel tiles, the lap joints of the colored steel tiles, the ridge joints of the colored steel tiles, the lap joints of the daylighting boards, the fan base joints, the gutter cornices, the gables and the parapets.
Knowing the causes of rust and water leakage of color steel tile, the next step is to start renovation. The renovation of color steel tile is a systematic project, involving rust removal, waterproof, thermal insulation, spraying and other processes. According to different rust conditions of color steel tile roof, adopting corresponding construction schemes and targeted construction will make the renovation effect more obvious. Only in this way can the purpose of corrosion prevention and waterproof be achieved after renovation.
Jinan color steel tile manufacturers believe that the professional renovation project can not only effectively extend the service life of color steel tiles by 5 to 10 years. There is also a professional after-sales warranty. Even if there are some small problems, there will be a professional team to repair them on site. The problem of corrosion and water leakage of plant roof has been completely solved.
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