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Hot dip galvanized rectangular tubes have been widely used in our construction industry. Today, the square tube manufacturers will take you to learn how to judge the quality of hot dip galvanized rectangular tubes from the surface quotient.
In order to improve the performance of square tubes, the square tubes can be hot-dip galvanized. Hot dip galvanizing is a heat treatment skill. In the process of hot-dip galvanizing of square tubes, continuous inspection is required to meet the requirements. If the quality of the pipe is not measured, there will be many effects.
One of the requirements for inspection is the adhesion capacity, that is, the thickness of galvanized hot-dip galvanized square pipe. Since the galvanized layer of hot-dip galvanized square pipe is the place to determine whether it meets the anti-corrosion requirements, professional measuring tools can be used in the inspection process. In the inspection process, there are certain regulations on the thickness of the galvanized layer of the hot-dip galvanized square pipe, and it is required to identify according to these regulations during application.
Secondly, the view is based on the uniformity, that is, the thickness of the zinc coating. In order to improve the service quality of hot-dip galvanized square tubes in the inspection process, the thickness after fabrication is required to meet the service specification, so that they do not show damage in the service process.
During checking, check the firmness of Jinan square tubes, that is, the touch accuracy between square tubes. If the accuracy of the hot-dip galvanized square tube is too poor in the process of application, the galvanized layer will fall off during the process of application, resulting in corrosion by other objects during the process of application, resulting in the normal operation of the hot-dip galvanized square tube. In the inspection process, a simple method can be selected for inspection, that is, two hot-dip galvanized square tubes are used to knock each other. If they have outstanding characteristics, they will not be damaged. There must be a problem with their quality.
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