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Rock wool board is mainly made of basalt and other rocks by heating to make fiber, adding a small amount of adhesive, and finally curing to form rock wool board. Rock wool board is usually used in metal smelting and construction fields. It has good heat and sound insulation performance, and the operation is not very complicated. So what about the application and construction of rock wool board in decorative materials?
Advantages of rock wool board:
① Thermal insulation: the thermal conductivity of this rock wool board is very small, so it has the function of thermal insulation.
② Long service life: the rock wool board treated with special coating can be used for at least ten years, and then the anti-corrosion coating is sprayed every ten years, so that the rock wool board can be used for a longer time.
③ Aesthetics: the appearance of some rock wool boards has many lines of different colors, which can meet the material requirements of various buildings. It looks very beautiful to the naked eye.
④ High strength: with high-strength rock wool board as the base material, high-tech design and rolling forming are added, which has good structural performance.
⑤ Good fire resistance: the surface quality of rock wool board and the insulation material itself do not burn, which can meet the requirements of any national fire protection standard.
Rock wool board construction inspection:
After the rock wool board enters into the decorative materials, it is mainly used for external wall thermal insulation and roof thermal insulation, in accordance with relevant national standards. From the perspective of numerous sound insulation materials, it is considered that the rock wool board in the sandwich panel room of the temporary residence on the construction site is a very good sound insulation material. From the perspective of raw materials, they are mainly rock wool, slag wool and other materials. Because it can bring good sound insulation and absorption effect, it can better reflect such sound insulation performance in the process of use.
In terms of manufacturing principle, the sound absorption of rock wool board is mainly to pass through the porous structure in time and then transmit sound waves. However, from such a structure, it is easy to cause certain obstacles after the sound waves circulate inside. In this case, the sound waves are basically absorbed by the fibers of this material, which can better hinder the process of sound wave propagation.
Observe the appearance of rock wool board exterior wall insulation material. Inspection method: observe the inspection method. Inspection times: all inspections. Check the laying and overlapping of mesh cloth. When plastering and pressing, the plastering glue shall be dense without hollowing. Inspection method: carefully check the acceptance records of concealed works. Inspection quantity: each inspection batch shall be inspected at least five times.
Check the joint of Jinan rock wool board again. The specified standard is that the joint of insulation board shall be flat and tight. Inspection method: still observe and wipe. Inspection times: spot check, 10% of each batch, at least 5 places. Check fire barriers. The specified standard is uniform, flat, dense, beautiful and full. Inspection method: check the acceptance records of concealed works.
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