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It can be said that the floor support plate is favored by the market and recognized by users, which makes the manufacturers love it and gradually subdivide it from the continuous development iteration. How does this plate with multiple advantages perform? What about the quality?
Many advantages of floor bearing plate
1. Generally speaking, for the convenience of construction, the floor bearing plate can provide a solid operating platform during the construction process, which is enough to prove its bearing capacity. Because this load-bearing function has to bear the weight of concrete at all times, it also has to bear the heavy responsibility of natural earthquake resistance in the future use.
2. In addition to bearing capacity, Jinan floor bearing plate also has considerable toughness. In case of force majeure such as earthquake, it will not be broken like concrete, but will remain as a whole, ensuring the safety of people and things to a great extent.
3. The laying process of floor bearing plate is also relatively simple, and the speed can be very fast. If it is a multi-storey building, it can be paved at the same time and concrete can be poured at the same time, which can greatly save time, manpower, material and financial resources. Moreover, the connection and fixation are also very fast. Compared with traditional buildings, it is much simpler and has much higher time utilization.
4. Fire resistance is one of the advantages of floor slab building over traditional building. For example, the bottom plate of steel truss floor support plate adopts galvanized plate, which is not easy to catch fire and burn, and can also block the spread of fire in a short time.
5. Whether it is an open floor bearing plate, a closed floor or a reinforced truss floor, it will reduce the use of the raised part of the concrete, save about one third of the use, and greatly reduce the production cost.
6. Steel resources can be reused. Therefore, the use of floor bearing plate greatly saves deforestation and protects the balance of ecological environment.
The quality control of floor bearing plate meets the standard
1. The thickness of galvanized layer of galvanized sheet shall meet the requirements of no rust damage during use.
2. The thickness of the concrete above the top surface of the floor bearing plate with a thickness of not less than 90 shall not be less than 50.
3. The stud anchor shall be set at the concave rib of the end support, penetrate the profiled steel plate, and firmly weld the stud and steel plate to the steel beam.
4. The steel beam support length of Jinan floor bearing plate shall not be less than 50, and the masonry support length shall not be less than 75.
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