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When the lower floor bearing plate meets the requirements of the rapid construction of the main body, it can provide a firm working platform in a short time, and can also use multiple floors for laying and construction. The construction is simple and fast, and there is no need to fold the formwork. The simultaneous construction of multiple houses greatly improves the construction speed and shortens the investment cycle. The building with floor bearing plate has strong seismic resistance, and various pipelines can be directly buried in the plate, eliminating the time and investment of ceiling painting.
So when we are purchasing floor bearing plates, there are so many floor bearing plate manufacturers. Among these manufacturers, how can we choose a good floor bearing plate? What should we pay attention to when we choose the floor bearing plate? Here, I would like to introduce to you what you should pay attention to when purchasing floor bearing plates.
Don't think about buying excellent floor bearing plates at a low price. After all, the saying "one price for one goods" has explained that the quality of floor bearing plates bought at a low price may also have problems, which is a major loss.
Floor bearing plates can be divided into many types, such as floor bearing plates with steel structures, composite floors, profiled steel plates, composite floor bearing plates, galvanized steel bearing plates, galvanized floor bearing plates, composite floors, steel floor bearing plates, building profiled steel plates, etc. they can also be divided into open floor bearing plates, closed floor bearing plates, dovetail floor bearing plates, etc.
To ensure that the color of the same batch of floor bearing plates is the same. In many cases, the design and color of galvanized coils from different manufacturers may be different. Long term storage and surface treatment methods will lead to surface color differences, which should be reflected in the contract. After all, some buildings with floor slabs do not have ceilings. If the color is different, it will be too ugly. The size of galvanizing manufacturers and galvanizing coil manufacturers in the market is different, and the product quality and thickness of each manufacturer are also different. Therefore, large manufacturers should be wise.
The thickness of Jinan floor bearing plate is also different, and the bearing capacity of different thickness is also different. Of course, if you have time, you'd better go to the field to investigate the scale of the floor bearing plate manufacturer and the status of the workshop. The workshop is clean and tidy. After all, the workshop with smooth operation is certainly no worse.
The above is the content to be explained today. I believe that after reading the description of this article, you can have a certain understanding of the product. I hope the above content can help you. In addition, if you want to learn more about our website, you can pay more attention to our website at www.jnhxtcg com。


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