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From the perspective of many sound insulation materials, the rock wool board in the sandwich panel is used as a temporary house on the construction site, which is a very good sound insulation material. In terms of raw materials, they are mainly rock wool, slag wool and other materials. Because it can bring good sound insulation and absorption effect, it can better reflect the sound insulation performance in the process of use. The rock wool board manufacturer will show you why the sound wave of the rock wool board is easy to cause blockage after internal circulation.
From the manufacturing principle, the sound absorption of rock wool board is mainly through the porous structure in time, and then the sound wave propagates. However, from this structure, the sound wave is easy to cause blockage after internal circulation. In this case, the sound is basically absorbed by the fiber of this material, which can better hinder the process of sound wave propagation.
Rock wool board and other building materials are favored by more groups in real life, so their structures will be different when they are actually selected. Adhesive layer is a very important system in rock wool board. The adhesive layer can be used for upper and lower layers of different materials. The slurry that can be firmly bonded together is mainly filled with inorganic materials.
If it is a thermal insulation layer, the environmental loss of these heat can be better avoided during the processing of Jinan rock wool board. A layer of thermal insulation material can be paved outside the pipe, which is mainly used to fill a series of materials. Organic matter, of course, in the processing of rock wool composite board insulation layer, in addition to this material, there are other adhesives and adhesives.
The decorative layer is the material attached to the outside of the rock wool board. This decorative layer has light function and excellent air permeability on the coating. The material is also very good. Even in this case, it effectively ensures the original lightweight characteristics and adds the original aesthetic feeling.
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