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Because of its light weight, bright colors, thermal insulation, fast installation and other characteristics, floor support plate is now used very frequently in the construction market, such as site activity room, container activity room in disaster area and so on. Next, let's introduce the precautions for fire prevention of floor bearing plate.
The floor bearing plate adopts asbestos board and fireproof cotton as filler, which can meet the fire safety conditions of the construction site when reaching the class a fire resistance limit. During use, some heat sources and fire sources should not be close to the floor deck, and a certain distance should be maintained. If the kitchen is to be set up in the ground bearing room, the insulation layer is required, and the fire-resistant rock wool insulation layer shall be added to the wall.
Do not put wires and cables through the floor. If they need to pass, they should add a protective shell. Socket outlets and switch boxes shall be metal galvanized boxes and exposed. Simple fire-fighting equipment shall be installed indoors and outdoors. If possible, fire alarm shall be installed to facilitate rapid evacuation of personnel.
In densely populated places such as nurseries, kindergartens, sanatoriums, welfare homes, boarding schools and hospitals, floors lower than class a requirements shall not be built; If required, it shall not pass the fire protection design review, acceptance or record random inspection.
Public gathering places with floors lower than class a requirements shall not pass the fire safety inspection before use and business; For densely populated places built with floor slab during inspection, all temporary seals below class A shall be implemented, and they shall be ordered to be replaced. Those that cannot be replaced must be removed.
In actual use, everyone must be equipped with a complete set of fire-fighting equipment and pay attention to the above matters to avoid fire accidents.
A safe distance of at least 6 meters shall be maintained between Jinan floor and slab houses. It is not allowed to illegally set up iron fences, billboards and other obstacles that affect escape and fire fighting.
Because the floor bearing plate needs thermal insulation, many buildings will use sandwich floor slab, but sandwich steel plate is often flammable, so we must pay more attention to fire prevention. If you want to know more about flooring, please feel free to contact us at Com!


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