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At present, Jinan section steel is widely used in building components, so its production process is also very strict, and the production process is upgraded from manual production to mechanized production. There are three main degreasing methods in the production process. Including organic solvent degreasing, chemical degreasing and electrochemical degreasing.
Production process:
Unloading - leveling - shaping - straightening - length measurement - punching rod - punching rod round hole - punching elliptical connecting hole - forming and cutting
Section steel is formed by cold bending of hot-rolled steel plate, which has the characteristics of thin wall, light weight, good section performance and high strength. Compared with traditional channel steel, the same strength can save 30% of materials.
There are many methods to degrease the surface of Jinan section steel, which are usually related to the equipment setting of the production line, and the two need to adapt to each other.
Degreasing method:
Degrease with organic solvent. Degreasing with organic solvent is actually the process of dissolving saponified oil and unsaponifiable oil in organic solvent. In the process of steel processing, a thick oil film is often attached to the steel surface. Direct chemical treatment is difficult and is usually treated with organic solvents. This method is not suitable for removing oil stains attached to the surface of electric welding steel.
Chemical degreasing. It generally refers to removing oil with alkali solution and alkali salt solution. This degreasing process is a complex physical and chemical process. It is produced by oil film under the action of surfactant and alkali. Mechanism of removing grease on steel surface by alkaline aqueous solution.
At present, chemical degreasing is mainly used for degreasing of section steel before hot dip galvanizing. Degreasing agent can also be recycled, which is conducive to degreasing. A separator shall be installed in the circulating system to remove grease from the degreasing solution. In order to clean the surface of profile steel, the surface of degreasing solution shall be removed before taking the profile steel out of degreasing solution.
Electrochemical degreasing. Electrochemical degreasing is the process of separating hydrogen from anions or oxygen from cations, mechanically stripping the oil film attached to the surface of section steel and accelerating oil emulsification. According to the electrical properties of the cleaned object, electrolytic degreasing methods can be divided into positive electrolytic degreasing method, negative electrolytic degreasing method and mixed electrolytic degreasing method.
Generally speaking, there is less grease on the surface of Jinan section steel furnace welded pipe. Welded pipes are formed at high temperatures and may come into contact with grease during finishing, but this can be avoided and usually no degreasing process is required. In the process of welding, the pipe has a great chance of contacting with grease, and the surface is often attached with casing grease. If the degreasing treatment is not carried out, it will bring difficulties to pickling and even pollute the pickling solution. In conclusion, the use of degreasing depends on the specific situation of raw materials on the surface of carbon steel.
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