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  Foam composite board is a white object formed by foaming polystyrene beads containing volatile liquid foaming agent, which is heated and formed in the mold after pre-heating. It has the structure characteristics of fine closed cell. Mainly used for building wall, roof insulation, composite board insulation, cold storage, air conditioning, vehicles, ships, floor heating, decoration carving and other uses is very wide.
  Commonly used foam composite board is made by adding a layer of foam board between two layers of relatively thin steel plate. In order to be able to make these two materials together well, usually the use of industrial glue with high strength, after pressure can bond very firmly, so that the performance of both materials can be played out.
  In order to ensure safety, fire retardant foam board will be used, it has a certain thickness, so although the weight is particularly light, heat insulation performance is particularly good, and the structural requirements for the building is not high. While the steel plate can play a good role in protecting the foam layer, so that it can use longer life.
  Ji 'nan foam composite board has many advantages, such as small density coefficient, good impact resistance, even in the face of strong impact from the outside world, can also be very good to restore the shape and size before. The water absorption rate is very low, the anti-permeability ability is strong, can effectively avoid the phenomenon of damp mildew and falling off the wall.
  It doesn't melt at high temperatures like ordinary foam does. There will be no brittle cracking due to low temperature. It is a recyclable material that can be recycled and reused; Therefore, in terms of environmental protection, there are excellent surfaces. The whole life cycle energy consumption is very low in all types of foam board.
  It is because the performance of foam composite board itself is so good that it can be said that the actual use effect of foam composite board is satisfactory. If you have a problem come to the website consultation, we have professional personnel professional knowledge waiting for you to understand!


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