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  Rock wool board is now a lot of people like to use building materials, its own performance advantages are very good, such as rock wool board compressive strength is very good, of course, during the use of its compressive strength will be affected by certain factors, we start from three aspects.
  Rock wool board is mainly used for thermal insulation of external walls, as well as the ability to resist ultraviolet radiation, which is much stronger than the general material. Can be used for building walls. And easy to clean, not easy to fade. It is very popular in the market. Its aging resistance is also very good. And the shock absorption is very helpful. It is a very popular environmental protection material nowadays.
  So how does the compressive strength analysis of rock wool board come from? In fact, the rock wool board will prevent the state of no side bundles can withstand a lot of pressure, until the rock wool board because of pressure fracture required pressure. Rock wool board test method is generally carried out in the laboratory, through the power of ten to more than one hundred tons of special hydraulic press to test the rock wool board sample crushing, to test the compressive strength of rock wool board sample.
  Organization. In terms of the size of crystalline particles, the compressive strength of some fine-grained rocks or cryptocrystalline rocks is usually larger than that of coarse-grained rocks. Due to the different types of natural rock wool board used in the production process, the crystal particle size of the rock wool board produced is also different, but the crystal particle of the rock wool board produced by basalt is very small, and the compressive strength is large.
  Properties of cements. Its compressive strength in insulation materials, rock wool board used in the production process of adhesive, on the basis of rock wool board architecture we can know rock wool board bonded layer, thermal insulation layer, plaster, act the role of the surface and accessories of the bonding layer and the use is adhesive plaster layer so the compressive strength of ought to be good, However, it is important to note that the quality of the adhesive is different and therefore the actual situation is different.
  Direction of pressure. The compressive strength of Ji 'nan rock wool board is also determined by the direction of extrusion stress. Rock wool board has a layer, if the direction of the stress action and the layer is vertical, the compressive strength of rock wool board is large.
  There are many factors affecting the compressive strength of rock wool board. There are three important factors: organization, the nature of cement, and the direction of pressure. The above is the explanation of the problem.


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