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  Now rock wool board is widely used, and has a very important role, but to ensure the use of the effect, the correct use is still very key. So how to use Jinan rock wool board correctly?
  If the product due to the influence of different external factors and rust spots, should be quickly scraped rust, brush or spray paint the same color. Choose according to the design requirements, because the products of all manufacturers are not the same, in order to ensure the smooth completion of the work, should use the same company, unified specifications of the product.
  In the process of lifting and transportation, it is necessary to prevent product paint film damage, surface contamination and collision. Keep away from acid, alkali, salt, organic solvent and other corrosive substances during storage, transportation and use. To prevent rain, prevent condensation, but not soaking or mud. During transportation, thin film materials should be used between layers to avoid relative sliding and abrasion.
  The environmental temperature of rock wool board processing should be above 7℃; To adjust the clearance of the processing roller system according to the thickness of the plate, and remove the foreign body on the roller surface and the supporting plate; At the same time to check whether both sides of the plate paint, such as paint, should find out the cause and take measures to continue processing. To be used in normal weather conditions as a roofing product with a slope of not less than 10 degrees.
  The bolt head of ji 'nan rock wool board should be sealed with waterproof material to prevent rust caused by external influence. It is forbidden to cut rock wool board with cutting machine to avoid the high temperature metal powder produced by cutting sticking to the product and rusting.
  How to use Jinan rock wool board correctly? The above content is how to correctly use Jinan rock wool board, I hope to give you effective help, if you are interested in this can come to the website to learn more.


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