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  The price of rock wool board is more affordable, so it is very widely used, can be used in the new construction industry, shipbuilding and other widely used interior decoration materials, so how is it specific pavement completed? How is it to judge unqualified?
  The laying of Ji 'nan rock wool board should be carried out after the construction of the keel. Pavement level is very clear, that is to pave the wall structure layer and the wall, and then add the main insulation layer to ensure that the temperature will not be lost and can play the role of fire prevention, and then is the decorative layer, mainly plays a decorative role, if subdivided, not directly in the rock wool board.
  And among them is the thermal insulation layer and the structural layer of the link is tight. External wall insulation fire isolation belt is to prevent the spread of fire in the building external insulation system between combustible insulation materials set up by non-combustible insulation materials, with a certain design width and length and no cavity bonding structure with the wall.
  Through the method of testing the bulk density of rock wool board rock wool, because this has a direct correlation with its overall density, density is not easily deformed, and more than ten percent of the national provisions of the standard is unqualified products. The pressure resistance that sees plank how, whether accord with national standard, want to see its water resistance at the same time good. An important qualification basis, that is whether it can fire, fire is doomed to be unqualified.
  From this we can understand that a qualified product is to do a good job in judging the work, especially in a variety of performance is very important, a qualified plate can play its due performance. For more information, visit


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