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  Color steel tile is able to let the majority of users love, natural because its advantages are very practical, such as bright colors, convenient construction, reasonable price. But there will inevitably be problems in the process of use, such as rust. So what are the specific requirements of color steel tile rust removal?
  Color steel tile of the same quality, because of its different resistance to the environment, its renovation requirements are different. The corrosion process of color steel tile surface is a complex chemical reaction process. We will find that rust is usually brown to red and consists mainly of iron hydrate and iron hydroxide. Generally, rust removal, grinding, heavy brush anticorrosive paint, no oil, zero pollution, non-corrosive paint before the need to clean up the dust.
  Paint should be divided into primer and finish, namely anti-corrosion primer and surface finish. Anticorrosive primer is usually not less than two coats. Rainy days and strong winds should be avoided when painting. Should avoid summer, coating temperature should be higher than 5℃, not higher than 35℃; Paint should be applied continuously to avoid bottom exposure.
  In addition, adjust the construction time. Waterborne paint is different from paint. This water-based paint is self-drying. Slow evaporation and drying is required to form a firm paint film. Paint contains thinner, hardener to speed drying, which is not comparable.
  So once found in Ji 'nan color steel tile rust phenomenon, must be dealt with in a timely manner, to avoid a large area of diffusion, affect the overall use of the effect, cause greater loss.
  Jinan color steel tile rust removal what are the specific requirements? The above is the relevant answers to the problem, if you have a problem can not find the reason, come to the website for consultation, the personnel will give you a detailed answer.


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