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  The utilization rate of the floor plate is still relatively high, of course, its performance advantage is also obvious, but if you do not pay attention to it will make the service life of the plate greatly shortened, then the life of the floor plate under what circumstances will be shortened?
  In heavy use, the structural bearing capacity is insufficient due to load variation, extended service, and changes in codes and procedures. Corrosion due to chemical erosion and electrochemical corrosion resulting in the section of the floor bearing plate members weakened; Temperature difference causes deformation, cracking and warping of components or connections; Component due to various accidental deformation, distortion, disability, depression, etc., resulting in the weakening of the component section, rod warping, connection cracking, etc.; Others include mistakes in design, production and construction and illegal use and operation during the service period.
  In addition, ji 'nan floor plate utilization rate of raw materials related to learning problems, how much is the width of raw materials, roll forming effective width is how much, effective width divided by the supply width of raw materials, multiplied by percentage, floor utilization rate, the higher the utilization rate, the cheaper the price.
  The building plate on the market, because there are so many kinds of specifications steel sheet part LouCheng plate with common galvanized plate width on the market, which is commonly used specifications, the market cost is cheaper, so it can be seen that the width of raw material determines the utilization of LouCheng board, so should choose when buying a reliable manufacturer to buy the product.
  Under what circumstances will the life of the floor bearing plate be shortened? The above explains several reasons, in addition, we also extend the topic, if you want to better use the floor bearing plate, you need to know more about it. More content to the website consultation!


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