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  The application of floor bearing plate is very extensive at present, some people will ask: since the application of floor bearing plate is so good, it can be used to do the house? Actually, yes! It is mainly the floor bearing board itself advantage enough, can use the performance is good, to understand it.
  Floor bearing plate can be used as permanent template, convenient construction, effectively shorten the construction period, reduce the cost; It has excellent mechanical properties. When used as composite floor, it can play the role of reinforcing bar at the bottom of the floor in whole or in part. The flat bottom and even small seams make the plate bottom very beautiful; Reduce the use of concrete and steel. In order to reduce the permanent load of structure, it is more widely used in high-rise or super high-rise buildings.
  The installation of the floor plate when the house needs to be serious, such as: the bending deformation should be corrected before laying; The top surface of the plate beam should be kept clean, and damp and dry paint should be prevented. Before installing the plate beam, the position line of the plate beam should be marked on the beam. When the plate beam is laid, the waveform notch at the end of the adjacent two rows of plate beams should be aligned; Should be in strict accordance with the requirements of the drawings and specifications to loose plate and adjust the position; Lay according to the actual layout drawing and fix the connection. And so on.
  The lifting of the floor plate when the house also needs to be treated in accordance with the standard, such as the floor plate according to the drawing wiring installation, straightening, compaction and spot welding firm, corrugated straight, so that the steel bar in the wave through; After the floor bearing plate is laid and straightened and fixed, it should be locked with the locking machine in time to prevent the separation of pressure plate bite due to the stacking of construction materials or personnel traffic; After the installation, the construction garbage should be cleaned in time before the installation of reinforcement, and the cut off scraps should be collected and piled up on the ground.
  There are also key points about the construction of Ji 'nan floor bearing plate should also be understood, such as: before the construction of the floor bearing plate, according to the requirements of sound safety production management to do a good job of safety technology disclosure, layer upon layer to implement the safety production responsibility system; Regular and irregular safety inspection, often carry out safety education activities, so that all staff to improve self-protection ability; Non-construction personnel are forbidden to enter the construction floor, avoid welding arc light burn eyes or dazzling eyes caused by falling injury, avoid welding auxiliary construction personnel should wear sunglasses to cooperate with the construction. And so on.
  In short, ji 'nan floor plate used to do the house is a lot of attention, not only related to the overall quality of the house, but also related to the safety of the construction personnel, so need to be rigorous. Come to our website for more information!


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