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  There will be different problems in square pipe welding for different reasons. It is necessary to find out the causes of the problems one by one, and then do a good job in dealing with them, so as to prevent the problem next time. How to square pipe welding arc pit and weld problems how to deal with it?
  Arc pit: welding current is too large, weld gap is too large, filling metal quantity is insufficient. The welding current and welding speed should be selected correctly, the weld gap should be controlled evenly, and the adding speed of filling metal should be appropriately accelerated. The arc pit and its surroundings should be cleaned before welding repair. If there are pores in the arc pit, slag or crack should be excluded;
  Deviation of weld surface shape and size: improper groove Angle, uneven assembly clearance, improper selection of welding specifications, welding current is too large or too small, uneven welding speed, incorrect conveyor mode of strip, overheating of electrode or wire, etc. Choose the correct welding specification, appropriate welding rod and its diameter, adjust the assembly gap, evenly transport welding rod, avoid overheating of welding rod and wire. The defects can be corrected by carbon arc gouging and batch gouging, and polished with grinding wheel. When the weld is too narrow or too low, it should be repaired by welding.
  If you want to prevent the follow-up problems in this, it is necessary to do the corresponding work in welding, such as welding square pipe if there is damage, should be polished, especially with carbon steel contact caused by scratches, splashes, cutting slag damage, must be carefully and thoroughly clean; Pickling passivation of welded tube square tube is necessary to be passivation strictly according to the process requirements; After the surface treatment of welded pipe square pipe, should do a good job of protection, to prevent people touching and oil, dust and other sundry secondary pollution. And so on.
  In short, the inspection work before welding is essential, check the quality and material of the square tube, check the welding equipment, whether there will be problems, whether there are abnormal precursor and so on. How to deal with the arc pit and weld problems in square pipe welding? Is the above content, know more to consult the website!


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