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  If there is no connection in the steel column when the floor bearing plate is manufactured by the manufacturer, it is necessary to install connecting steel bars, all over steel bars and additional steel bars. So what matters do you know about the reinforcement connection of ji 'nan floor bearing plate? Let's take a look.
  With the same grade, the same model with the same diameter of the steel frame, and then screwed down, the external binding broken welding. Once connected, check that the opposite steel trusses are on the same level.
  The electric welding of additional steel bars requires single-layer welding with a welding length of 10d to avoid side dislocation of steel trusses. The design drawings shall indicate the embedded holes and provide ribs around the holes. When the floor bearing plate meets the steel beam, it must be cut by laser on site and the appearance of the plane changes. When the laser cutting position is damaged, it is necessary to set up the rib plate and repair the wound with rubber.
  In the deep rubber bearings of steel trusses of reinforced plates, each side shall not be less than half of the total area of broken reinforcement and not less than 212. Vertical steel truss floor bearing plate orientated water truss upper chain wall of gluten, additional water reinforcement wall * concrete reinforcement cover shall ensure at least 15 mm.
  In the process of sticking steel bar, special attention should be paid to the protection of the floor bearing plate has been laid, not to walk or trample on the hot galvanized plate. Do not rotate and disconnect steel trusses: if disconnection must be made, the steel trusses should be reattached to the steel trusses using rebar of communication type and specification.
  Additional reinforcement engineering and pipeline laying of Jinan floor bearing plate:
  The steel bar connecting the steel plate, the rubber bearing steel bar and the steel bar with the vertical Angle of the steel bar truss floor must be set according to the design provisions. And steel truss binding, and double wire double buckle binding. The lower or upper steel bars of the chain shall be placed on the upper side of the concealed steel bars of the steel truss. After paving part of the total area of the steel truss, it is necessary to bind the steel rubber bearing with the steel bar and the steel bar truss at vertical angles to ensure that the steel plate is connected as a whole. Due to the harm of steel truss floor, the pipe in the floor should be chosen correctly.
  vnsc3775威尼斯城官网-威尼斯人667801官网增加钢筋连接有什么事项了解? 总之,在进行增加钢筋链接的过程中需要操作人员正确的使用方法方式以及步骤,避免危险隐患发生。更多内容就来网站www.jnhxtcg.com咨询吧!
  What matters do you know about the reinforcement connection of the floor bearing plate? In short, in the process of increasing the reinforcement link, the operator needs to use the method and steps correctly to avoid the occurrence of danger and hidden dangers. More content to the website consultation!


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