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  生产vnsc3775威尼斯城官网-威尼斯人667801官网的时候,厂家会把它分成几层,一点一点的制作,这样生产会更简单,生产的质量和性能会更有保障,问题的发生也会减少很多。那么济南vnsc3775威尼斯城官网-威尼斯人667801官网有怎样的分层?下面简单总结下吧。When producing the floor bearing plate, the manufacturer will divide it into several layers and make it point by point, so that the production will be simpler, the quality and performance of the production will be more guaranteed, and the occurrence of problems will be reduced a lot. So what kind of stratification does Ji 'nan floor bearing plate have? So let's make a quick summary.
  Surface layer: the upper layer of the floor bearing plate plays the role of decoration, fire protection and moisture-proof protection structure layer;
  Structural layer: floor bearing plate, bearing part;
  Bonding layer: namely, the connection layer between the surface layer and the lower layer, which plays a supporting and bearing role;
  Filling layer: functional structural layer used to fill concrete;
  A structural layer used for leveling or slanting an uneven underlayer, usually with mortar;
  Insulation layer and insulation layer: as a structural additional layer to improve thermal performance, used for fire prevention, heat preservation, waterproof, moisture-proof;
  Waterproof layer and moisture-proof layer: to prevent the penetration of indoor water and moisture;
  Sound insulation layer: used to isolate the impact of the floor plate;
  Steam insulation layer: structural layer to prevent steam penetration and affect the thermal insulation function;
  Pipeline laying layer: the structural layer in which the device hides the pipeline, usually using the space of the fill layer.
  The floor slabs are divided into ten layers. Each layer has its own special function and the number of layers is different. From another point of view, the precautions and operation methods need to be changed accordingly, not exactly the same. Once a problem occurs in one of the production layers, it can significantly affect the progress of the next layer and, in severe cases, interrupt the execution of that layer. Therefore, any layering should be taken seriously.
  Of course, the floor bearing plate in the stratification, will cause some damage because of the operation error, it is inevitable, so we in contact with ji 'nan floor bearing plate, the matters to pay attention to pay attention to, should not do things don't do. Come to our website for more information!


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