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  Ji 'nan C steel construction is simple, widely used in large plants, venues, super high level and other fields. Because the scope of use is a very large flow of people, so the safety aspect is to do a good job, so it is necessary to provide relevant information to prove the manufacturer after the completion of the project, what is there?
  Ji 'nan C section steel project as-built drawing and design documents; Documents related to engineering technology formed during installation; Quality certificates or test and reinspection reports of the steel, connecting materials and coatings used in the installation, as well as factory certificates of manufactured components; Welding process evaluation report and welding quality inspection report; High strength bolt anti-slip coefficient test report and inspection record, hidden engineering acceptance record, project inspection handover record; Structure installation inspection record and installation quality assessment data, coating inspection data after installation; C section steel test report as required by design.
  The raw material control of Jinan C-section steel should be controlled, which is reflected in two aspects:
  Steel: the quality certificate or inspection report issued by the steel mill shall be inspected in detail, and the chemical composition, mechanical properties and other quality requirements shall meet the provisions of the current national standards. Inspect and check the steel surface quality, thickness and local flatness according to the steel quality certificate and dimension specification table, steel end or fracture should not be delamination, slag inclusion and other defects.
  Welding materials: the welding materials used shall be matched with the steel used in the project. Due to the quality difference of different production batches, spot check shall be carried out in batches as required. The electrode and flux should be kept properly and not be affected by moisture, otherwise it will not only affect the process performance of the operation, but also adversely affect the physical and chemical properties of the joint. The welding test should be repeated after the welding material has been placed for too long or become damp.
  Acceptance of c-section steel works shall be carried out after the installation of all or part of the spatial stiffness elements of C-section steel. This work can not only test the quality of construction, but also see the specifications of the construction team, so we should be ready for the above information in the later acceptance process.


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