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  Rock wool board is now widely used to provide a strong guarantee and support for the construction of more green buildings in China. They are more and more widely used in construction, so how to better understand the Ji 'nan rock wool board? Only a full understanding of it can make better use of it.
  Rock wool board accessories are mainly used in various coatings. On the one hand, it increases the color of rock wool board surface, which can be used in a variety of environments. The coating can also play the role of flame retardant and heat preservation to a certain extent. Rock wool board has good sound absorption performance for the high frequency of sound. The main factors affecting the sound absorption performance of rock wool board are thickness, density and airflow resistance. Density is the weight of material per cubic meter.
  Airflow resistance is the ratio of the air pressure on each side of the material per unit thickness to the airflow. Airflow resistance is an important factor affecting sound absorption performance of rock wool board. If the flow resistance is too small, the material is sparse, the air vibration is easy to pass through, and the sound absorption performance decreases. If the flow resistance is too large, it indicates that the material is dense and difficult to introduce air vibration, and the sound absorption performance is also reduced.
  Ji 'nan rock wool board in the rock wool board manufacturer after production is generally used in various places of arson and waterproof, of course, in fact, rock wool board insulation or most of the use in the field of construction. In some areas of construction are based on the role of rock wool board insulation, played an important role on the outer wall.
  So soon many construction companies in the selection of thermal insulation products, for rock wool board thermal insulation products is the first choice, is also very suitable for the construction of one of the materials in the field of external wall thermal insulation rock wool board basalt and other natural ores as raw materials for high temperature melting processing, after the late thermal setting forming cutting and other processes.
  Exterior wall insulation rock wool board has good weather resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, conversion between high and low temperature will not produce empty drum, fall off and other conditions; Low water absorption and hydrophobicity, effectively reduce moisture; Good impact resistance and strength; Incombustible, when the fire can effectively prevent the fire; Low thermal conductivity to ensure thermal insulation effect; External wall insulation rock wool board price is low, reduce the overall cost.
  Ji 'nan rock wool board how to better understand it? In short, want to better use it to fully understand, of course, in the choice of rock wool board manufacturers to understand more than to contrast, do not step on the pit. More content to this consultation.


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