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  Ji 'nan color steel tile is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, roofs, walls, large span steel structure housing interior and exterior decoration, etc. So how to guarantee the quality of Jinan color steel tile?
  Workers should first receive protection education, pay attention to the main points of construction operation before work every day, strengthen quality awareness education. Detailed disclosure of skills should be made to workers before each process is constructed.
  All materials and equipment required for the project shall have certificates of quality or material certificates, which shall be listed and registered and checked with the physical objects. Without this document, inspection or construction may be refused. If there is any doubt, it should be checked and judged, and can be used after passing the check.
  Color steel tile device should be straight, tile surface should not have construction residues and dirt. Cornice should be in a straight line, there should be no wrong drill without treatment. The formation of color steel tile, coating and coating should not be visible cracks, peeling and scratches.
  Color tile deformation and paint shedding are prohibited during transportation, stacking and hoisting. Color steel tile, flooding tile and corner tile should be fixed firmly, anti-corrosion coating and sealing materials should be laid intact.
  Ji 'nan color steel tile formation, the appearance should be clean, there should be no obvious concave and convex and wrinkles. The Project Manager department and other operating forces shall strictly follow the approved technical documents in construction and shall not change them at will. Site technicians and quality inspectors have the right to check the performance status and correct construction methods that violate the established methods in time.
  It is found that the original construction process of color steel tile has defects, and the technical person in charge of the site puts forward suggestions for modification. After the original approval part is approved, the modification will be informed in the form of skill contact sheet. The construction personnel can put forward reasonable suggestions on the approved skills and methods, and inform the changes with the contact sheet after the original approved part is approved.
  It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, rich color, convenient construction, earthquake resistance, fire prevention, rain prevention, long life, free maintenance, etc., has been widely promoted and applied. So more content you can come to this consultation understanding.


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