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  Foam composite board is now widely used, but after a long time, it will find all kinds of problems, so how can decoloration and deformation occur in the use of foam composite board? Let's see what's going on.
  The decoloration or discoloration of foam composite board is mostly caused by improper material selection when selecting board. The foam composite board that we see at ordinary times has two kinds, cent is outdoor board and indoor board. The coatings on the surfaces of the two types of panels are quite different, which makes them suitable for different places.
  The interior panels are coated with some resin, which is not fully adapted to the harsh outdoor environment. Once the indoor board is used outdoors, it will accelerate the aging of the indoor board, resulting in discoloration and discoloration of the board; The surface of outdoor panels will be selected with resin coating with uv resistance and anti-aging ability.
  These outdoor panels are more expensive than indoor panels. Most construction units in order to grab profits, indoor boards into outdoor boards, causing serious discoloration, discoloration.
  Once the surface deformation or bulging, the reasons are many, this situation often occurs in the construction process. We used to think that this is the quality of ji 'nan foam composite board itself. After analysis by relevant departments, it is found that the main reason is that the basic materials of foam composite panels we purchase are high-density boards or boards, which are used outdoors. Its use time is very fragile, and these materials will deform and expand after exposure to the sun and rain.
  In addition, there may be a peeling phenomenon. Does appear fall off or glue etc. Phenomenon, generally because when choosing adhesives, choose the high quality or not is a good adhesive, so as to contribute to this kind of situation, and silicone rubber is a the most suitable glue, but today's society, at the time of purchase adhesive, vendors are will recommend to buy quick-drying glue, This quick-drying glue can be used indoors, but once used outdoors, there will be degumming or degumming.
  The above is the foam composite board in the use of how to produce decoloration and deformation of the related content, I hope to help you. For more information, please call us or click on .


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