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  With the improvement of production technology, the output of square tube also increases, there are more and more unqualified square tube on the market, so how to produce all aspects of qualified square tube products? Here is a detailed introduction.
  Party cold-drawn tube do want to buy the material of baosteel, because baosteel level after inspection of materials processing, steel is better, the density of cold drawn after heating, facilitate lines, to cold drawn steel under the interesting and produce plastic deformation, thus improving the yield strength, this process is called cold drawn to strengthen, the square tube is generally used in demanding product components have good capricious and strength, After cold drawing, the surface is better.
  Square tube performance index analysis - the degree of hardness hardness is a measure of hard and soft metal materials pointer, determination of hardness hardness method is commonly used in current production, depending on the degree is to determine the hardness value, die die fillet corner has a lot to do with stress size and distribution, large radius, pressure to coil material area is insufficient, instability of wrinkle easily.
  If the fillet is too small, the resistance of the material into the concave die will increase in the process of deformation, and the material is not easy to move inward and transfer, thereby increasing the tensile stress of the force transmission area, which may lead to cracking. All seamless square tubes should be tested for mechanical properties, which can be divided into two categories: tensile test and hardness test.
  In jinan, storage of square tube, priority for selecting suitable sites, we need think about many external factors, corrosion of steel pipe and so on, so place if wash clean, dry and ventilated, harmful gas present, square tube are not present, galvanized pipe weeds and other debris to keep clear of in time, to keep the steel surface is clean, Brittleness problems and related factors if there is acid, alkali and salt in the warehouse, it is easy to react with the steel pipe and make the steel pipe corroded, so it can be cut as far as possible. If there are higher metals, it can be considered to put them into the warehouse and retain them very well according to geographical conditions.
  In addition, the square tube production process including the working procedure: tube billet, cutting, heating, piercing, rolling tube set - (minus) diameter, straightening, cutting head to tail, inspection, packaging, warehousing. For more information, please visit .


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