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  Any engineering project will go through the acceptance process at the beginning, and the foam composite board is naturally no exception. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the construction process, we need to check it. Then what aspects should the inspection of the foam composite board start from?
  Acid; The fouling resistance; Reflective and reflective heat insulation coatings solar reflectivity, near-infrared reflectivity; Exterior surface temperature of reflective insulation coating in winter and exterior surface temperature of reflective insulation coating in summer.
  Ji 'nan foam composite board external insulation system is scientific and reasonable, can more effectively solve the problem of rock wool system. Its advantages are as follows:
  The system adopts grade A thermal insulation material, which can meet the fire protection requirements of buildings.
  No cavity or small cavity rock wool insulation system, to solve the problem of wind pressure safety.
  After winding the net cloth on all sides, each board forms an independent force unit, and the anchoring force of Ji 'nan foam composite board is changed to enhance the binding force of vertical fiber foam composite board.
  Anti-crack structure design, through the transition of surface rubber powder polystyrene particle leveling layer, can absorb the deformation stress of plate well, improve the overall anti-crack performance of the system.
  Leveling function: since the outer surface of exterior wall foam composite board can not be polished and cut, the construction of rubber powder polystyrene particle leveling layer can better meet the requirements of system surface flatness. Avoid negative effects of anchors on insulation system.
  Construction adaptability is excellent, no need to chisel the base, the size of the plate so that the operation process is easy to construct, not easy to appear fake paste, easy for workers to operate, more environmental protection.
  From what respect does the inspection of foam compound board begin? The inspection method should be carried out in many ways, but also to ensure that the products we use are qualified. A qualified panel not only excellent performance, and in the use of the process, can play its due performance. For more details, click !


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