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  Now rock wool board in the market demand is growing, it can be said that rock wool board is indispensable building materials, so why say so? First of all, we should fully understand the content of the material.
  Rock wool board for gymnasium, workshop and other large space. In order to absorb and reduce noise, sound absorbers with rock wool board as the main absorbing material are often used. According to the need, the absorber can be made into plate, cylindrical, conical or other shapes.
  The sound-absorbing body is filled with rock wool board and covered with sound permeable surface layer. Because the sound absorption body has multiple surface sound absorption, sound absorption efficiency is high, in order to prevent the rock wool board to absorb moisture and moisture outside, sometimes with PVC or plastic film wrapped.
  In road noise barriers, in order to prevent noise reflection, sound absorption measures are required on the side facing the vehicle, and centrifugal glass wool is often used as a filler and a baffle with a perforated surface layer.
  The advantages of Ji 'nan rock wool board is very good, such as excellent fire resistance, thermal insulation rock wool board composite board for grade A fireproof material; Strong decorative performance, quick construction and installation, excellent decorative effect, can effectively ensure the quality of the project.
  Simplify the construction process, shorten the construction period, complete the building insulation and decoration at one time, can reduce the influence of the wet method on site, improve the work efficiency. Excellent green environmental protection performance, the surface layer adopts curing technology, high efficiency, economy, energy saving, environmental protection.


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