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We can also call it silicon calcium board. Gypsum composite board is a common thermal insulation material, which is widely used in indoor partition insulation. But do you know what is included in the construction process of gypsum composite board partition insulation?
Wall setting out: snap positioning lines and sidelines on the floor, wall, top and main structure wall according to the design drawings, and snap the door and window opening lines. Wall foundation construction: before the construction of wall foundation, the floor shall be roughened, painted with solid central wall ground interface, and cast-in-situ wall foundation concrete.
Pre arrangement: measure the clearance height and width of the partition wall and the size of the door and window, and pre arrange it on the ground. For the partition wall with doors and windows, the short plates on the upper, lower and door of the window shall be installed first, and then the partition plates on both sides of the door and window shall be installed in sequence. If the remaining wall width is less than the whole plate, the plate shall be supplemented according to the actual wall width.
Installation: during the installation of gypsum composite board, apply a layer of adhesive evenly on the top and side of the board and between the board and the board, and then press it up and down. The side should be tight and the adhesive in the joint should be full. The wooden wedge under the slab shall not be removed generally, but shall not be exposed outside the wall. After the first gypsum composite board is installed, its perpendicularity shall be checked. When continuing the installation, it must lean against the inspection ruler up and down, open and level with the board surface. When the board surface is uneven, it shall be corrected in time, and the connection between the composite board and the main structure at both ends shall be firm.
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