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Floor bearing plate has also become profiled steel plate. In fact, floor bearing plate has many little-known advantages. With these advantages, floor bearing plate has won the favor and favor of the construction industry. But its construction speed is a little slow!
In fact, the floor bearing plate has the advantages of light weight, high strength, large load-bearing, good seismic resistance, fast construction, safety and environmental protection, and can be used as a part of the strength of steel structure, so as to reduce the amount of reinforcement, clean appearance and so on. In fact, it is precisely because of the technical economy that it is widely used not only in building construction and enterprise factory buildings, but also in civil buildings.
In fact, the floor bearing plate is a processing platform that can complete the operation in a very short time. In addition, in the process of pouring cement, it can be poured in layers, so as to save the time and cost in the process of use.
Professional operators must work with certificates during the construction of floor bearing plate Wear safety helmet and safety belt, and the safety protection net must be set up and improved as required; It is forbidden to walk under the construction floor. The floor support plate can only be unpacked during laying. It is forbidden to have floor support plates that are not welded and fixed, and it is forbidden to use truss floor support plates as temporary channels. After the floor bearing plate is laid, the opening shall be closed in time, guardrails shall be set and signs shall be made.
During construction, the surroundings shall be cleaned and inspected to prevent fire hazards, and special personnel shall be assigned to supervise the fire-fighting facilities. Concentrated loads, such as steel components and large equipment, shall be avoided on the floor bearing plate.
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