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钢承板其钢材应符合小屈服强度235N/mm2。冷轧成型前,钢板应经连续性热浸镀锌,其镀锌量应符合275g/m2。(正反面) 钢板实际厚度不得小于设计厚度的95%。
The steel of steel bearing plate shall meet the small yield strength of 235n / mm2. Before cold rolling forming, the steel plate shall be Continuously hot-dip galvanized, and the galvanized amount shall meet 275g / m2. (front and back) the actual thickness of steel plate shall not be less than 95% of the design thickness.
钢承板除可用为板模外,并可视为楼板所需的全部正向钢筋及一部分的温度钢筋。复合楼板应能承受所规定的设计活载。 承板厚度应符合设计图纸的规定。 承板其小惯性矩及小截面模数应符合设计图纸的规定。
In addition to being used as plate formwork, the steel bearing plate can also be regarded as all positive reinforcement and part of temperature reinforcement required by the floor slab. The composite floor shall be able to bear the specified design live load. The thickness of bearing plate shall comply with the provisions of design drawings. The small moment of inertia and small section modulus of the bearing plate shall comply with the provisions of the design drawings.
为能提供正向弯矩时所需的钢钢承板与混凝土间足够的握裹力(Keybond),钢承板其断面拥有连续性的楔形肋(dovetail-shaped ribs), 此楔形肋为51mm深,底部开口16mm,顶部宽35mm,肋间距190mm。钢承板应尽可能按三跨或三跨以上的连续跨方式施工。钢承板应依制造厂商的建议及设计图纸施工。
In order to provide sufficient bonding force between steel bearing plate and concrete required for positive bending moment, the section of steel bearing plate has continuous wedge-shaped ribs, which are 51mm deep, 16mm open at the bottom, 35mm wide at the top and 190mm apart. The steel bearing plate shall be constructed as a continuous span of three spans or more as far as possible. The steel bearing plate shall be constructed in accordance with the manufacturer's suggestions and design drawings.
能钢承板侧向搭接应采用点焊或螺栓固定,固定点间距不得大于90cm。 能钢承板可充当板模,所应承受的载重为板自重及100kg/m2的施工均布活载。若遇特殊或较重的施工载重,由钢承板允许的无支撑跨距应相应减小。施工中应避免较重的集中荷载混凝土浇筑前,在人员走动较频繁的区域,应铺设步道板,以免钢承板受损或变形。
The lateral lap of energy steel bearing plate shall be fixed by spot welding or bolts, and the spacing of fixed points shall not be greater than 90cm. The energy-saving steel bearing plate can be used as the plate formwork, and the load it should bear is the plate self weight and the construction uniformly distributed live load of 100kg / m2. In case of special or heavy construction load, the unsupported span allowed by the steel bearing plate shall be reduced accordingly. Heavy concentrated load shall be avoided during construction. Before concrete pouring, footpath plate shall be laid in the area where people move frequently to avoid damage or deformation of steel bearing plate.
Temporary intermediate support
The temporary intermediate support required shall be designed according to the recommendations of the large unsupported span table of multi-energy steel bearing plate, and the temporary support must not be removed until the concrete reaches 75% of the design compressive strength.
When steel bearing plates are used, there shall be no chlorine containing additives in the concrete. Before grouting, the sundries (excluding the porcelain sleeve of shear nail), grease and other substances unfavorable to the adhesion of concrete on the steel bearing plate surface shall be removed. The design compressive strength of concrete shall not be less than C20, and its slump shall be between 10cm and 12.5cm, so as to ensure sufficient moisture, so as to achieve large effect of gripping between galvanized steel plate and concrete and small shrinkage of concrete.


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