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1. Deflection of floor slab
For ordinary cast-in-situ reinforced concrete floor slab, there is basically no deflection due to the lower formwork support in the construction stage. After the concrete reaches a certain strength, the formwork is removed, and the floor slab deflects under the action of self weight, resulting in tension and even cracks in the concrete at the bottom of the slab. The reinforced truss concrete floor slab is respectively as follows according to the setting of temporary support:
(1) setting of temporary support: basically the same as ordinary cast-in-situ reinforced concrete floor;
(2) no temporary support: before concrete solidification, the self weight of formwork, concrete weight and construction load are all borne by the reinforced truss. Concrete solidification is carried out under the deformation of the reinforced truss floor bearing plate, and the self weight of the floor slab will not produce tension on the concrete at the bottom of the plate.
2. Bearing capacity of floor slab
In the use stage, the upper and lower chord reinforcement of the reinforcement truss works together with the concrete. The floor slab has the same mechanical performance as the reinforced concrete composite floor slab. Although the stress of the tensile reinforcement is advanced, its bearing capacity is the same as that of the ordinary reinforced concrete floor slab.
Different from the previous construction methods, the reinforced truss floor support plate can be directly laid on the steel beam at the construction site, and then the concrete can be poured after simple reinforcement works. The formwork does not need to erect wooden formwork and scaffold. The galvanized profiled steel plate at the bottom is only used as the formwork and does not replace the stressed reinforcement. Therefore, there is no need to consider the problems such as fire spraying and anti-corrosion maintenance. Therefore, the construction is fast, the workload of on-site reinforcement binding can be reduced by about 70%, the construction period can be shortened and the cost can be saved. In addition, the reinforcement is evenly arranged, and the spacing between the upper and lower layers of reinforcement and the thickness of concrete protective layer can be fully guaranteed, creating favorable conditions for improving the construction quality of floor slab.
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