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1、 The roof panel of non accessible roof (such as arched roof panel) can adopt single-sided color steel plate.
2、 The metal sandwich plate with combustible materials (polystyrene, polyurethane, etc.) as the core material is easy to spread and difficult to put out in case of fire, resulting in a large amount of toxic smoke, which should be strictly controlled.
3、 The metal sandwich plate with incombustible material (Class A) as the core material can be applied to the non load-bearing exterior wall, room partition wall, roof slab and other parts of the building, but shall meet the corresponding fire resistance limit requirements (3.2.1, 5.1.2) specified in the building code. The specific instructions are as follows:
1. The firewall, load-bearing wall, staircase wall, evacuation aisle partition wall, elevator shaft wall, floor and other components in the building shall not use metal sandwich plate.
These parts are required to have high combustion performance and fire resistance limit. The fire resistance limit of incombustible metal sandwich panels is affected by the volume weight of the sandwich material, the compactness of the packing, the thickness and structure of the metal plate, etc. the fire resistance limits of metal sandwich panels from different manufacturers vary greatly and are usually low, which is difficult to meet the fire resistance of corresponding building components The requirements of structural bearing capacity and its own stability performance, so metal sandwich plate can not be used.
2. For buildings with fire resistance rating of grade I and II, metal sandwich plates should not be used for non load-bearing exterior walls and room partitions.
According to the requirements of the building code (3.2.1 and 5.1.2), the fire resistance limit of these parts is higher, which is not less than 0.75h and 0.50h respectively. Referring to the above reasons, metal sandwich plate should not be used. When it is necessary to use, the sandwich material should be non combustible material (class a), and it should ensure that it meets the fire resistance limit requirements of corresponding components.
3. For buildings with fire resistance rating of grade III and IV, metal sandwich plates can be used for non load-bearing exterior walls and room partitions, but they shall meet the fire resistance limit requirements of corresponding components in the building code.
4. For the roof slab of non accessible roof, metal sandwich plate can be used.
5. For the roof slab of accessible roof, because the sandwich plate is limited by its own structure and bearing capacity, it cannot meet the corresponding fire resistance limit requirements of the building code, and metal sandwich plate cannot be used for this kind of roof.


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