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vnsc3775威尼斯城官网-威尼斯人667801官网压机的研究与开发已经在各个地方进行了试验,这是轻钢发展的重要方向。当前,存在各种低层,多层和高层设计解决方案和示例。 vnsc3775威尼斯城官网-威尼斯人667801官网质量的提高对建筑活动有很大的影响。
The research and development of floor bearing plate press has been tested in various places, which is an important direction of the development of light steel. At present, there are various low-level, multi-layer and high-level design solutions and examples. The improvement of floor bearing plate quality has a great impact on construction activities.
The reinforced truss floor bearing plate and bearing plate shall be gently lifted and lowered during lifting, and shall not collide to prevent changes. The reinforced truss floor support plate can be loaded and unloaded through special hangers, which are made of angle steel or channel steel with soft belts. Do not use the steel cable to hang directly, because the edge of the cable will deform the edge of the plate during lifting. After reuse, the soft sling must be matched and thoroughly inspected immediately. If damaged, it must be scrapped and replaced. If no special hanger is available, a sleeper shall be placed under it. If the bearing plates of steel truss floor bearing plates are stacked at the lifting position, they shall be stacked according to the layout and packaging marks, and the lifting process shall be carried out at the same time.
The construction of steel structure of floor bearing plate pressing equipment is a bottom-up process, which is not completed completely and gradually. With the change of structural form during construction. Different construction stages have different structural forms and structures. Due to its stress characteristics, the internal and external load conditions of each construction stage are also different.
Truss floor support plate effectively improves the quality level of building materials and products. This is very important and important. It has a very positive and important impact on construction activities. This is very important for consumers.
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