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Excellent thermal insulation. As the rock wool insulation board is widely used in different insulation projects, the insulation performance will be better, so the technical points will be more prominent when installing and constructing on different parts, so that it can play a more scientific and ideal role in insulation and protection, Can be used in the cost-effective will be higher.
The sound absorption effect of laying and installing in the wall is good, and the sound insulation effect is completely achieved. Therefore, when it is used in the construction of thermal insulation sub projects in different buildings, it can be seen that its role in sound insulation and noise reduction is still relatively scientific and ideal, and the technical advantages and characteristics will be more significant, so that the technical advantages in the use process will be more and more prominent.
When rock wool insulation board is used for insulation in some special environments, it can achieve the effect of moisture-proof and durability, and the service life will be longer and longer, which means that more technical points will be grasped in the process of processing and design, so that the actual effect of insulation will be better and better, Only in this way can we get the trust and recognition of customers in the process of marketing, improve the cost-effective advantage in the market, and bring customers more rest assured in their choices.
Rock wool is an inorganic thermal insulation material, which is made of iron slag as the main raw material, melted and cooled by high-pressure steam injection. It has the advantages of light weight, low thermal conductivity, good elasticity, non combustion, non moth, non decay and chemical stability At the same time, it also has excellent sound insulation performance. 2. Rock wool sandwich panels are not only used for general movable structures with the function of thermal insulation, but also widely used in various fire and sound insulation places.


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