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Composite rock wool board is a very important thermal insulation building material in its construction engineering. What should we pay attention to when constructing composite rock wool board? Let's introduce them to you one by one.
The equipment and pipeline to be insulated with composite rock wool board shall have no leakage, the surface shall be dry, free of vegetable oil and rust. Under the orange standard, in order to be conducive to anti-corrosion, appropriate coating can be adopted. Composite rock wool board so as to reduce thermal damage. All connectors of the board and felt must be connected very closely. During double-layer insulation, each cross joint shall be overlapped to prevent deformation. It is essential to avoid thermal bridge during cold insulation.
Composite rock wool board is used for outdoor thermal insulation, or in areas vulnerable to mechanical equipment damage, metal materials or plastic wrapping should be used. Pay attention to the tightness of connectors and joints. Collagen fiber should be added for sealing, and the overlapping part of the wrapping layer should not be less than 100mm. When composite rock wool board is used to keep cold, a moisture-proof layer must be added on the cold surface. Under the condition of very low temperature, rock wool board without epoxy resin shall be used for heat insulation, and its moisture-proof layer must also be fire-proof and safe.
When the temperature of composite rock wool board exceeds 200 ℃, appropriate external protection must be added for thermal insulation, which will not easily change the thickness and density. For large diameter or flat wall machinery and equipment, composite rock wool board shall be used for thermal insulation. When the temperature exceeds 200 ℃, thermal insulation nails shall be added, and the external protection shall be close.
When the thermal insulation target is placed vertically and has a very high aspect ratio, the thermal insulation layer of the composite rock wool board must have positioning pins or support plate rings at an interval of no more than 3m to prevent the composite rock wool board from dragging downward when there is vibration. The construction of outdoor thermal insulation and cold insulation works is not suitable to be carried out in rainy days, otherwise waterproof and rainproof measures shall be adopted.
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