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How to choose color steel tiles in Jinan to check whether it is qualified? Here we must remind the merchants who purchase color steel tiles to pay attention to the following points, because Jinan is very uneven this summer, and there will be strong winds in July and August, basically The color steel tiles have been blown away in half, and the quality is seriously unqualified, causing financial and material losses to users.
The user must carefully observe the peeling, cracking, cracking and powdering of the coating on the surface of the coating when purchasing, so that the steel plate is rusted by the rain and the sun. This is unqualified.
The production process of color-coated board and color-coated board is tile quality.

The structure of color coated steel sheet is usually composed of cold rolled sheet + galvanized layer or galvanized layer + chemical conversion layer + primer + front paint. The paint layer of color coated steel sheet has strong adhesion and is not easy to fall off. Color-coated board with good corrosion resistance and weather resistance.
原材料选用鸿祥泰 PVDF涂层彩涂板压制成型有保证。
The raw material is selected from Hongxiangtai PVDF coated color-coated board, which is guaranteed to be pressed.
因为 PVDF的化学键与化学键之间,具有很强的键能,所以涂料具有很好的防腐蚀和保色能力,所以选用鸿祥泰压制有防腐质量保证。
Because PVDF has a strong bond energy between the chemical bond and the chemical bond, the coating has good anti-corrosion and color retention capabilities, so the use of Hongxiangtai to suppress the anti-corrosion quality guarantee.
济南彩色钢瓦 HDP弹性好,高分子量聚合物结构稳定,不易光解和水解,所以在气候上可以保证色彩艳丽、防腐蚀、有很好的户外耐久性,以及耐磨损。
Jinan colored steel tile HDP has good elasticity, high molecular weight polymer structure is stable, not easy to photolysis and hydrolysis, so it can guarantee bright colors, corrosion resistance, good outdoor durability, and wear resistance in the climate.


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