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Rock wool board can be divided into vertical wire and horizontal wire, which is distinguished according to the arrangement direction of its fibers. However, the vertical wire rock wool board in the strict sense should be made by the pendulum method. There are many products in the market that cut the ordinary horizontal wire rock wool board to make its fibers vertically arranged. Although it is also a vertical wire, it is not a vertical wire board in the real sense. It does not have the excellent performance of this kind of board. We must pay attention to discrimination when purchasing.
The fiber of vertical wire rock wool board is perpendicular to the wall, and its common specifications are thinner than ordinary rock wool board, so it is sometimes called "rock wool strip", but it is different from the rock wool strip cut by ordinary rock wool board. The difference lies in the different process. The ordinary rock wool board is made by the traditional settlement method. The rock wool fiber is formed after settlement and accumulation, and it is difficult to improve its density and strength after reaching a certain limit.
The vertical wire rock wool board is made by the process of pendulum method. It is formed after being stacked by pendulum on the basis of settlement method. The slope is generated during stacking, so that the fibers are vertically distributed, the bonding strength between fibers is improved, and then the mechanical strength of the finished product is improved. It is used to construct the insulation layer, which has better stability and can also meet the strength requirements of roof construction.
Advantages of vertical wire rock wool board in use
Everyone is familiar with rock wool board, which is widely used. Rock wool board will be added to the exterior walls of some construction projects or family houses, which not only has the function of thermal insulation and waterproof, but also has the effect of sound insulation to a certain extent. There are many kinds of rock wool board, among which the most worth mentioning is the vertical wire rock wool board. It has great advantages in the process of use.
The thermal insulation effect of vertical silk rock wool board is very good. During the production process, some foam is added to the inner layer of rock wool board, thus improving its thermal insulation performance. This rock wool board is composed of many block plates, which is relatively simple and convenient during installation. Don't worry about the products you buy home, but you don't know how to install and use them


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