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1. The plate bottom of the plate type is flat and the web is fitted. A variety of plate bottom and ceiling treatment methods can be provided according to the different functions and needs of various rooms.
2. The center of gravity of the closed section of the floor bearing plate is about 16mm away from the bottom of the plate, which is less than the section parameters of the open or shrinkage floor bearing plate. When the bearing capacity of the composite floor structure is analyzed according to the plastic theory, the concrete pressure resultant force center and tension resultant force center have a larger internal force arm, which indicates that the data strength is more abundant, Therefore, the closed composite floor has greater structural bearing capacity or higher safety factor;
3. The closed floor bearing plate can completely replace the tensile reinforcement with positive bending moment in the floor slab, and can reach the fire resistance aging of 2 hours without spraying fireproof paint;
4. The rib angle of the closed floor bearing plate makes the concrete have a stronger grip on the floor bearing plate, and the composite floor slab achieves a real combination effect;
5. The closed floor bearing plate composite floor can reduce the floor thickness and increase the clearance height. Open floor bearing plate shall be selected, and the thickness of small plate shall be 126mm, while the minimum thickness of this plate type shall be 104mm;
6. The card slot suspension system together with the closed floor bearing plate can provide convenience for the electromechanical pipeline equipment at the bottom of the building plate. The system does not need to drill holes or embed iron parts at the bottom of the plate. It can provide 200kg lifting points by easily inserting two cards into the groove at the bottom of the plate, and it is also easy to disassemble;
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