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Due to the good quality of galvanized C-section steel, this is also the main reason why people choose C-section steel, so as to reduce the possibility of choosing inferior steel. Here is the analysis of the details of galvanized C-section steel. The surface of excellent C-section steel is a mirror without pits or particles. If this happens, it means that the materials used contain many impurities, which directly affects the quality of C-section steel. Therefore, people cannot choose galvanized C steel, otherwise it will cause various use faults and increase people's production cost. When choosing C-section steel, people need to choose C-section steel according to the actual needs, because the thickness of C-section steel directly affects its bearing capacity. In large buildings, when people need C-section steel with excellent bearing capacity, thick wall steel must be selected. If C-section steel with thin wall thickness is selected, it can not bear the corresponding weight at all, thus increasing the possibility of accidents.
Specification and model of galvanized C-section steel
Galvanized C-shaped steel purlins are divided into five specifications: 80, 100, 120, 140 and 160 according to different heights, and the length can be determined according to the engineering design. Galvanized C-section steel is automatically processed and formed by C-section steel forming machine. The galvanized C-section steel forming machine can automatically complete the forming process of galvanized C-section steel according to the given size of C-section steel. Galvanized C-section steel is widely used in purlins and wall beams of steel structure buildings, and can also be combined into lightweight roof truss, bracket and other building components. In addition, it can also be used for columns, beams and arms in mechanical and light industry manufacturing.
Perforated galvanized C-section steel
Galvanized C-section steel is an economical cut profile. Due to its reasonable section shape, products are used in many occasions, such as purlin, wall beam and so on. Galvanized C-section steel has a special purpose in purlin and can play a good fixing role, which can only be achieved by punching galvanized C-section steel. Punching has also become one of the more common methods in the processing of galvanized C-section steel. Galvanized C-section steel is usually automatically processed and formed by galvanized C-section steel forming machine, and then the drilling operation is carried out on this basis. The drilling position is determined through length measurement, and then relevant equipment is used to punch holes with different functions such as tie bar round hole and elliptical connection hole, and then the profile can be cut off.
Galvanized C-section steel will have great internal stress during processing
Like other steels, galvanized C-section steel is often used in construction projects, and galvanized C-section steel will be processed before use. When processing C-section steel, we found that the stamping and bending springback of galvanized C-section steel will be regarded as a key issue in order to ensure the processing quality of C-section steel. As an important process in the processing of C-section steel, cold bending is the key to the forming of C-section steel. Although the material needs to be corrected after cold bending, serious deformation will still occur after bending C-section steel for a period of time. This shows that there is a great internal stress in C-section steel, which makes C-section steel still produce a great rebound after bending.


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