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Foam is believed to have been used in all our lives, because every time we dismantle the express, we find that there are bubbles in the box. As we all know, foam has cushioning shock absorption effect, but it is not known that foam can also be used to make roofs, which is called foam sandwich panels. Here is a brief introduction to foam sandwich panels.
Introduction of foam sandwich panel small knowledge introduction foam sandwich panel product structure inside and outside two sides are steel plate, sandwich layer rigid polyurethane foam, combined by Germany vacuum technology high pressure compound. The surface of the sandwich panel is smooth, the dirt can be easily removed, and the whole panel is brightly colored with excellent light retention. It can be customized according to customers: the foam sandwich panel can achieve 13.8 meters X3.6 meters (X long), and the thickness is 25mm, 45mm, 55mm, 65mm, 75mm, 105mm. It can also be made according to the specifications and sizes of users' requirements.
Introduction to foam sandwich panels -- characteristics of foam sandwich panels
Thermal insulation. There is a layer of gel coat with excellent performance on the surface of FRP plate, which has good chemical stability to atmosphere, water, acid, alkali, salt and other media of general concentration; It has high surface finish, excellent light retention, no discoloration, corrosion resistance, anti sunlight and anti-aging.
When walking on the roof slab, avoid stepping on the wave crest and only on the wave trough. Especially along the purlin line, because stepping on the wave crest may cause damage to the plate link and the plate itself, resulting in the formation of weak links in the structure. Avoid transportation and operation on the board. If this situation cannot be avoided due to site conditions, wooden springboards shall be paved on the board surface, and both ends of the springboards must be supported on purlins. Transportation or operation is only allowed on the road formed by the springboard.
The ridge cover plate shall be constructed immediately after the completion of the roof as far as possible. If it cannot be constructed immediately, the thermal insulation material at the ridge shall be protected with plastic cloth to prevent the thermal insulation effect from being affected in cloudy and rainy days.
When the roof panel is hoisted to the roof truss for installation, it shall be noted that the female rib of the roof panel shall face the direction of the first installation. If it is not the female rib, it shall be adjusted immediately to ensure the correct installation position of the first plate, check its perpendicularity to the gutter on the roof ridge top, and fix the first bottom plate after ensuring that all dimensions are accurate, and install the subsequent bottom plate in the same way, Always use the positioning line to ensure that the end of the roof panel is in a straight line
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