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If you want to ask about the material suggestions of color steel plate coil, of course, it is the color steel plate manufacturer. Today, Jinan color steel will take a look at the suggestions of color steel plate coil?
1. The base material of color steel coil can be cold-rolled coil or hot-dip electroplated steel. Although the organic coating of color steel coil has good anti-corrosion effect, there are still some small gaps in the organic coating, and air and water may enter, which may rust the base material. Therefore, the color steel coil made of non coated base material has short service life, And it is easy to diffuse after scratching, resulting in coating peeling. The base material of color steel coil is mainly galvanized steel plate or galvanized alloy steel plate.
2. The production process of color coating is divided into pretreatment of substrate, chemical conversion film (non-organic metal coating), organic non-metal coating, and post coating process in some production lines.
3. Substrate pretreatment: if the galvanized steel plate as the substrate does not directly enter a color coating process after production, rust (white rust), dust and other pollution may occur during transportation. If these cannot be removed, the quality of color coating will be affected. The quality and all physical and chemical properties of the finished color coating roll are closely concerned with the pretreatment. In addition, after galvanizing production, oil is applied for rust prevention, and these oil should also be removed before color coating production.
At present, the most commonly used pretreatment method is alkali solution degreasing method.
4. Chemical conversion film: it has two functions: one is to further improve the anti rust ability, the other is to improve the adhesion between the base material and the coating and improve the coating performance of the substrate. There are generally three steps: first, phosphating, first form a large number of crystals on the metal surface, and then form a phosphate film on the metal surface with phosphorus salt solution; The second is passivation and sealing. There are still some holes in the phosphate film. Chromate reacts with the hole points to form a protective film. Third, wash with pure water, and wash the passivation liquid with desalted or deionized water.
5. Organic coating: the organic coating is divided into primer and finish. The requirements for primer are not high, and it can be painted in sequence. However, for the sake of production safety, the primer and finish paint are generally painted in reverse. Post coating process: the post coating process includes printing, embossing, peelable protective film, lamination, etc., which increases the decoration and protection performance of color steel plate. In addition, some foreign post coating processes include leveling and straightening, which are used in cold rolling and galvanizing production lines.


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