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The laying and construction of colored steel tiles is not only a simple installation operation, but also needs to pay more attention to the requirements of various connections and fastening quantities, so as to better install tiles. What are the requirements for the quantity of various connections and fasteners of the material? Let's have a look.
Color steel tile steel frame or roof truss, purlin and roof slab are important components of tile roof.
The installation method is directly related to the load-bearing of steel frame or roof truss, purlin and roof slab.
The quantity and size of various connectors and fasteners of color steel tile can be obtained through static calculation, analysis and design structure.
1) When the steel frame or roof truss and purlin can meet the design requirements and the roof panel has large rigidity, this method is a more reasonable installation condition. The photovoltaic support is connected with the roof panel with connectors and fixed as close to the purlin as possible.
2) The steel frame, roof truss and purlin can meet the design requirements, but when the roof slab has small rigidity and large deformation, this type of color steel tile roof is mainly manifested in some places with low requirements, such as shed, bus waiting hall, aquaculture farm and so on. The color steel tile photovoltaic support can be directly connected with the roof panel at the purlin by the connector, or it can be connected with the purlin by penetrating the roof panel.
3) Only the steel frame or roof truss can meet the design requirements, and the bearing capacity of purlin and roof slab is small. This arrangement adopts the connection between connector and steel frame or roof truss. The specific connection and installation method is the same as that of support and purlin penetrating roof slab.
4) Another connection method is to cut off the roof slab at the position of the fixed support and connect it to the roof steel beam through section steel columns.
Therefore, the above is about the requirements for various connections and fastening quantities of color steel tiles. Therefore, when laying the material, we must pay more attention to this problem and carry out the construction according to the correct methods, steps and relevant requirements, so as to better ensure the construction quality.


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