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We know that the use of colored steel tile is becoming more and more common. It will be used for waterproof base course operation, but there are certain conditions in this use process. Otherwise, if the use conditions are not met, it is likely to reduce the use effect of the product. Next, let's understand the waterproof base course operation conditions of the product.
1. The base treatment agent shall be applied on the color steel tile during construction in severe winter.
2. The foundation surface shall be free of dust and looseness. The loose part can be constructed only after treatment.
3. There shall be no ponding on the foundation surface. If ponding is found on the color steel tile, it shall be reinforced. The waterproof layer construction can be carried out only after it is qualified.
4. During construction in the morning, when dew is found on the surface of the product, the construction shall be stopped.
5. When the gap of color steel tile exceeds 0.3mm, it shall be reinforced before construction.
Through the above introduction, we have a further understanding of the working conditions of the waterproof base course of the color steel tile. When using the product, we should install it according to the use requirements and do not operate at will. In addition, the firmness may not be guaranteed. In addition, when strengthening the product, we should wait until its performance is stable.


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