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Rock wool composite board is widely used in many aspects because of its good performance. How much do you know about the pasting methods of this product? In order to facilitate your use, the following article introduces the common pasting methods of this product in detail. Let's have a look.
When we paste in construction, we generally use strip bonding method or point bonding method. In the process of pasting, it should be noted that the gluing area should not be less than 50%. After applying the adhesive, the lower end of the composite board shall be pasted with the base course. Note that the rock wool composite board shall be laid horizontally from top to bottom, and shall be fixed while laying. The board joint shall be naturally close, and the gap between boards shall not be greater than 2mm. If the joint width is 2mm, it shall be filled with thermal insulation materials, and the adjacent plate surfaces shall be flush, and the height difference between plates shall not exceed 1.5mm. During construction, the outlet of all through wall pipelines and components that can reach the slab shall be filled with the same material before waterproof sealing treatment. After pasting the rock wool composite board, the plastered surface shall also be treated. The whole surface can be leveled with a stainless steel spatula.
Through the content explained in the article, you can generally understand the specific pasting operation method of this rock wool composite board. In the future, you can carry out the actual operation according to the content explained in the article.


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