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When using temporary rock wool foam composite board to build temporary housing, it cannot do without the use of binder. When mixing water and cement, first add a small amount of water into the beating bucket, then add adhesive for mixing, and then add adhesive and water according to the water cement ratio to mix evenly. The purpose of this is to prevent the adhesive at the bottom of the bucket from being fully mixed with water during mixing, resulting in uneven beating and can not be used. The mix proportion shall meet the requirements of the product manual. It is strictly prohibited to add other materials for mixing.
The thickness of rock wool foam board, core material and specifications of double-sided color steel will affect the price of rock wool board. The price and the square of the rock wool foam board manufacturer are closely related to the edition. If the version is different, the standard expansion width will be different, so that the amount of steel used will be different, and the price of rock wool board will be different. Influence of thickness on rock wool board price. The thickness of rock wool board is also varied. For example, the thickness of rock wool foam composite board is fifty cm, and the thickness is seventy-five cm. The thickness of rock wool board is different.
There are many kinds and specifications of rock wool foam composite board, but its main difference is reflected in its bulk density. Bulk density mainly affects the thermal insulation performance and mechanical strength of the material, so it is necessary to choose suitable materials for different areas of use. For external wall insulation, the appropriate rock wool board should be selected.
The color of the rock wool foam composite board is generally yellow. The quality of the rock wool board is even, the chromatic aberration will not be great, and there will be no glue overflow phenomenon. From the cross section, there should be no caking in the interior.


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